Who we are

Why buy on our site?

In addition to the development of management software and e-commerce engines, we were initially born mainly as a service company, service provider and security services. We install our firewalls and ours mail server at our customers, we supply hardware and software, from personal computers, to workstations, notebooks, servers, printers, networking, etc. etc.

Specifically, we don't just supply the hardware, we pick it out and deliver what they actually need. We do not stock and therefore we do not need to "get rid" of obsolete goods. What you will find on the site are only a part of what we could sell, but the part that, in our experience, has the best value for money and is competitive with what is sold online.

In particular, we have created a system that allows us to update the prices of items even daily in order to always have the best price. You can register on the site without any commitment and insert the items you want to keep an eye on in your Wishlist. You will be notified as soon as the price of one of the items in your Wishlist changes, in order to take advantage of the opportunities that may exist.

Our history

Ablia is a young and dynamic company born in Prato in 1999, specializing in providing advanced Internet solutions to companies that consider a secure web presence essential and always in step with the times in the modern and dynamic world of work.

We have been creating bespoke e-commerce sites since 2001. In fact, despite the presence of standard e-commerce platforms, our customers have always sought customizations that could only be achieved through a highly customized e-commerce site development.

From this experience we have created a basic platform, which we have called mysqhop, for e-commerce that we use ourselves for online sales. The platform will be enriched with new features that we will make available to everyone.

So what is the difference with other standard platforms? If there are no particular needs, the platform is ready for the management and maintenance of an e-commerce site. But if customizations are needed, from this starting point we can start to create the tailor-made e-commerce site.

What are some examples of customizations?

Over time our customers have asked us for the most disparate things such as:

  • integration with third-party management systems with retrieval of warehouse stocks and synchronization of online orders with orders from other management systems.
  • implement automatic imports from third-party price lists
  • compare vs. price list with supplier price lists on excel sheets
  • manage the entire second-hand cycle, with management of the second-hand journal (tulps)
  • automation and customization of the administration in order to speed up the management of the site by a limited staff
  • procedures for preparing and delivering electronic purchases by making several fixed servers and mobile workstations communicate through fully automated procedures
  • online sales integration via ad hoc mobile app

The purpose is to be able to operate with your e-commerce site as efficiently as possible with the minimum of staff.

The Staff of Ablia S.r.l.