Shipping fees

List of destination countries

Country Delivery Fees (including VAT)
CROATIA * on quotation
Cypro * on quotation
CZECH REPUBLIC * on quotation
DENMARK * on quotation
FRANCE 25,00
GREAT BRITAIN * on quotation
GREECE * on quotation
IRELAND * on quotation
ITALY 9,00
MALTA * on quotation
NETHERLANDS * on quotation
NORWAY * on quotation
POLAND * on quotation
PORTUGAL * on quotation
ROMANIA * on quotation
SPAIN 25,00
SWEDEN * on quotation
SWITZERLAND * on quotation

*: on estimate based on the destination, weight and item size
For non-EEC countries, customs fees are not included in the shipping fees and are charged to the addressee

The prices indicated in the table represent the minimum shipping fee. The cost may vary depending on the type of item (different weight / size) and on the ordered quantity.

On some items the shipping fee is always through a quote.

In case of shipping through quote, payment will be requested only after the cost has been defined.

Please note that during August, due to the closure of some suppliers, shipments may be delayed.

Delivery Time:

Usually 2-3 days after payment in Italy. 3-7 gg otherwise